Our focus is the growing village of Kipsaina in Trans Nzoia County Western Kenyan. Situated on the border of Kenya’s smallest National Park, Saiwa Swamp NP, Kipsaina’s nearest big town is Kitale. Kipsaina currently has around 500 households but is earmarked for urbanisation. Our aim is to be able to help in holding this process in order that sustainability is built into plan. Water use is key to this sustainability, as is the education on offer in the community.

In the longer term we aim to work across other communities in the Trans Nzoia watershed, with particular interest in those communities adjacent to wetlands or sites of prior wetlands that have potential fro rehabilitation. Our partner organisation Kipsaina Crane and Wetland Conservation Group have conservation clubs in 32 schools near wetlands across the region. We are targeting our text book and science equipment distribution to these schools, and i the longer run will look at the potential to enhance their infrastructure of these schools in the same way as our current project with Kipsaina Primary.