We are Kipsaina Education and Environment Partnership.
We work with Kenyan communities to deliver safe schools and clean water and protect vital ecosystems through environmental education.


Kipsaina Education and Environment Partnership (KEEP) is the result of a 25-year friendship between UK filmmaker turned Biology teacher Sam Forsyth, and Kenyan environmentalist, educator and community activist Maurice Wanjala.

Maurice runs Kipsaina Crane and Wetland Conservation Group (KCWCG) whose aims are to protect and enhance the vital wetland ecosystems of Western Kenya and, in particular, those surrounding Saiwa Swamp – the smallest National Park in Kenya.

KEEP aims to work with KCWCG and other local partners to further the aims of Wetland Conservation, education and sustainable development.

Maurice and his small team work tirelessly to educate the local population about the reduced risk of flood and drought provided by a healthy wetland ecosystem, as well as educating them to protect the endangered Crowned Crane and other unique wildlife that live there. Tree planting is a key part of this work, and the team have planted over a million trees since 1990.

The Story of our Phase 1 Classroom Build