Maurice and Salome Wanjala

Kipsaina Crane and Wetlands Conservation Group (KCWCG)

KCWCG was set up by Maurice Wanjala in 1990 to protect the existing wetlands outside Saiwa Swamp National Park and to re-establish historic wetlands with a view to protecting the three flagship species of Grey Crowned Cranes, Sitatunga Antelope and Debrazzas Monkeys. This has expanded to include wider wetland ecosystems throughout the watershed and the ecosystems of the “water towers” of Mount Elgon and the Cherengani Hills.

This has been achieved through partnerships with local landowners and other community wetland user groups; provision of alternative clean water sources (either protected springs or hand-pumps); development of sustainable economic activities as an alternative to wetland encroachment and education through partnerships with 60 schools and the setting up of 32 “Conservation Clubs” within these schools.

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International Crane Foundation (ICF)

KCWCG has been working alongside the ICF for 30 years.

For More information about the ICF: https://www.savingcranes.org